Register for an Apple Developer account

Learn how to register for an Apple Developer account

In order to be able to publish your app to the App Store, for iOS devices, you will need to have an Apple Developer Account.

Below we will list all the steps that you need to take in order to register for your own Apple Developer Account.

Keep in mind that you will need a few things in order to be able to enroll in the Apple Developer Program.


Apple ID

If you have an iOS device, you probably already have an Apple ID, if for some reason you don’t have one yet, you can quickly register here:

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

As a security measure, Apple will require you to have two-factor authentication enabled in your Apple ID before you can proceed with the enrollment. You can find more details on how to enable two-factor authentication by clicking here

DUNS Number

Apple will also require you to have a DUNS number if you are a Company. If you are not sure if you have a DUNS number or if you’d like to request one (totally free), you can do so on this page:

Why should I enroll as a Company?

You must enroll as an organization if your company is a registered company such as Corporation (Corp., Inc.), a Limited Liability Company (LLC, LC, Ltd. Co.), or a legal entity (GmbH, AG, KG, oHg, etc.).

If you are a sole proprietorship you must register as an Individual. Apple does not accept DBAs, fictitious businesses, trade names, or branches for enrollment as a company/organization

Benefits of an Organization account:

  • You can choose the name that will be displayed on the stores as the Developer of the app – this will match your company name e.g. Business Inc.
  • Apple will know you’re authorized to act for the company and will not challenge your use of your own brand name and content

Next Steps

Once you have your Apple ID and DUNS Number in your hands, you can then proceed with the next steps:

  1. Register as a Developer, you just need to read and accept the agreement here:
  1. Start the Apple Developer Program enrollment as an Organization here: filling in the form, make sure to check your email for the enrollment confirmation. Note that Apple will verify the provided information and that the internal review process might take up to 3 days.
  1. The Apple Developer Program has a recurring cost of $99 per year, and you will need to maintain the payments up to date in order for your app to be available in the App Store. At the end of the enrollment, you will be requested to proceed with the payment, click Purchase, and make the payment to complete the enrollment.

That’s it! The enrollment process is now completed, as soon as you receive a confirmation from Apple saying that your account has been approved you can then invite our team to your account so we can start working on your iOS app.

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